To ensure the true value of your equipment and machinery is properly covered, we calculate up to date values covering materials, labour, transport, installation costs and design permits, plus professional advisory costs such as architectural, legal, demolition and removal assessments.

We consider those associated fees and charges to cover engineering, procurement, and construction management, relevant design and delivery charges, together with unrecoverable taxes and financial costs during the building period.

Due Diligence and Fixed Asset Registers

Asset location and condition reviews form part of the due diligence process that we carry out. Our experience enables us to work to tight schedules, ensuring final completion is achieved on time, including clean up of fixed asset registers.

Asset and Property Management

We undertake full surveys, including inspections of fixtures and fittings, to establish the condition, estimated life and value of any asset. This allows building owners to plan project maintenance throughout the life cycle of a building. This often involves working alongside our project and building consultancy team.

Utilities and Infrastructure

Plant, machinery and equipment is often connected to services via a range of fittings. These are a class of asset that can add additional value to a business, yet is frequently ignored. We are experienced in assessing these types of assets and can ensure they are correctly recorded in any company asset schedule.

Loan Security

We regularly work with our property valuation surveyors to produce a single report covering the full value of a building and its assets. These combined reports can be referred to by domestic and international banks and financial institutions for loan security purposes.

Pre and Post Occupancy Review

The majority of commercial properties often contain plant and machinery elements that require independent inspection and assessment. We provide this service and produce reports detailing all existing machinery and its condition.

Tenant Assistance

We offer work with our building survey team to provide a complete condition assessment of building machinery and fixtures. Further to this we provide an insurance replacement assessment, ensuring the correct cover in the case of loss. 

Acquisition and Disposal

Whether a detailed valuation is required prior to sale of purchase, our team can assist. If required we can offer a tailored and cost effective disposal solution for those assets.