Cavendish Maxwell is recognised as one of the Middle East’s leading multi-disciplinary property and construction consultancies employing highly skilled individuals from a diverse range of professional disciplines. Our project and building consultancy service is underwritten by a guarantee of knowledge, research, experience and professionalism.

Our team is equipped with the ability to offer expert advice on construction and property related matters. We provide value to our clients and their assets throughout the full property lifecycle, including not only the planning and construction phases but also building management and ongoing maintenance.

Our project management team has a wealth of international experience on a range of project sizes from individual villas to large-scale developments. We also offer in-house design, quantity surveying, engineering and contract administration services to ensure complete control over the project process. We can assist in the decision making process at all stages of the project lifecycle, complimenting in-house expertise with a range of management services tailored to suit the project. The earlier our involvement starts in the project process, the more value we can add by adopting strict controls. The strength of our team is in the ability to provide the best advice at the right time, achieving our clients’ objectives through effective planning, delegation, monitoring and control. Our methods are robust and applicable to any size and scope of project.