Property Monitor is a data and intelligence service aimed at increasing transparency in the UAE marketplace. Owners, tenants, investors, agencies, developers and banks can access real-time data and expert intelligence in order to make more informed decisions, based on actual values and trends.

Property Monitor offers users the ability to search residential sales and leasing transactions, as well as our professional opinion on achievable prices, across all major areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our data dates back to January 2014, and is sourced from our association with Cavendish Maxwell as well as with various reputable agencies and developers.


Mortgage Lenders

We help mortgage lenders in the UAE better identify and manage residential property risk. Property Monitor’s data, market knowledge, and advanced analytics enable mortgage lenders to better understand residential lending risk and to sharpen their processes, provisioning and strategy.

Property Developers

We help property developers make key investment and sales decisions, faster. Property Monitor’s data and market knowledge enable property developers to create more responsive strategies, financial feasibilities and sales positioning.

Real Estate Agencies

We help real estate agencies stay ahead in a competitive market. Property Monitor is a source of credible, independent transaction evidence and market insight that agencies are using to win and retain more business. We are growing and if you are a reputable agency we want to work with you.

Property Consultancies

We help property consultancies deliver more informed work, faster. Property consultancies depend on high quality evidence in order to deliver their core work and in a market where transparency is otherwise limited, Property Monitor provides clearer visibility.

Property Monitor Index

The Property Monitor Index is the most informed, detailed analysis of residential sales, rents and yields available in the UAE. If you want to understand where the market is moving, from Emirate level down to community, sub-community, building, or by specific number of bedrooms, the Property Monitor Index has your answer.