Our project team includes seasoned real estate professionals with international advisory experience and hands-on client site development exposure. Our consulting team is made up of individuals who have worked across 8 countries and speak 8 different languages. In total the team has 45 years of real estate experience and pride themselves on their strong international capabilities and ability to apply these to the local market.

Our work starts at the concept stage of development to put in place a strategy which is in line with the needs of the market, informed by detailed primary market research and an extensive in-house database.

The work of our advisory team is supported by Property Monitor, a real time transactional data service unrivalled in the market.

We then work alongside multidisciplinary teams to progress all commercial aspects of development including sourcing financers, acquiring land and securing delivery partners. An investment in our services at the outset of a project will help to ensure that issues and opportunities are identified to limit risk and maximise return.