Cavendish Maxwell’s RICS certified team of valuers, development professionals and research experts provide custom-tailored and high-quality feasibility reports and highest and best use studies for our valued clients. Our services have been retained by individual land owners, development and construction companies, government departments and private family offices on a wide variety of real estate projects including residential, hospitality and office schemes.

Our studies are utilized either for bankability assessments for project financing, or otherwise for project assessment and to improve the developer’s return on investment.

When seeking project financing, a feasibility study from a reputable consultant is nearly always required by major UAE lending institutions. The study includes key elements such as:

  • Market research
  • Site analysis
  • Development brief
  • Financial feasibility, which contains both debt coverage performance indicators as well as project profit performance indicators.

Most lenders typically base not only their decision to lend on a project, but also the loan terms which they will offer the developer or builder, on a quality “bankable” feasibility study.

Being on the panel of over 40 major banks in the UAE, Cavendish Maxwell leverages our long-standing relationships with UAE lenders to produce feasibility studies that directly meet the bank’s requirements. Our studies are typically conducted alongside a RICS-certified professional land valuation to provide a full project evaluation to the bank.